Fighting For The Breeches

lovely ideal

mia culpa

I’ve taken to reading lots of activists for women on Twitter, you know, as you do. I’m drawn to the angry ones, rather than the fame hungry or the overly placid ones. I’m interested in their arguments between each other. Their vitriol more often spat at each other, rather than at Boko Haram or Health and Social Care Northern Ireland, for example. I’m not saying every person who wants equality for their particular group needs to start big or even ever involve themselves with bigger pictures, but these people are looking at sentences written by those they’ve decided to hate, or been told to hate, or ended up hating and seeing what they can get offended and angry about. Sometimes it makes me sad, that we’ve become these hate-spewing beings and sometimes i think it’s a good thing that there are people so passionate about what they believe they’re prepared…

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