Selecting Lingerie for Her

Simply Delicious Lingerie

The first thing you want to think about when shopping for your lady is that you are shopping for HER, not you. That statement cannot be said enough. Just because you find something sexy and alluring that you want to tear off of her the moment she puts in on does not mean that she’ll like or, or feels comfortable in it. Remember, you may think that it is sexy as hell, but there isn’t a thong riding up your ass, so pleaseee, before you select something for YOU, remember it’s for HER, and with this in mind choose your piece(s) of lingerie carefully.  If she does not like it, or feel good in it, she’s not going to wear it. Don’t run out and get the most revealing, uncomfortable piece of lingerie known to man just because it is eye candy.

This will probably get your purchase used as a car towel or end up in the…

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good morning, sunshine.

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wanna moooore? wannaz demi moooore? or vanessa paradis’ «JOE, LETAXI»?

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angel of sinzz


who’s mastering U by now?

U dooo, mistress.

what else am gonna suffer in  radiant glory by the flesh thresholdz of my initiation of «OH!»/«UI»/«AI»/ÓI»





Funny men attractive to women but only those looking for a one night stand

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Wit is the key factor women find attractive in men – but only if they want a short term fling.

Researchers concluded humour is seen as a sign of flirtatiousness and is especially attractive for a short term relationship as it implies a lack of seriousness.

Their conclusion came from an experiment in which they filmed 40 psychology students – half men and half women.

Those taking part explained which two items they’d take to a desert island and why, choosing from chocolate, hairspray or a plastic bag.

Even though they hadn’t been told about humour, 19 of the 40 students tried to be funny in their responses.

These 19 students were then categorised as ‘actors’ by the researchers Mary Cowan at the University of Stirling, and Anthony Little.

The next 11 students were played audio recordings of the actors’ answers and asked to rate them for funniness, and for…

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