Tiffany Maid Suffers!


Real Life Female Domination

In the first set of correspondence in the advice section of this blog (see tab above) I published exchanges I had with Mistress Serena and her cuckolded sissy slave, tiffany maid. I recently received an update (below) and I thought I would share it with you all. tiffany maid does provide photos on Fetlife and I completely believe his accounts. Mistress Serena is a deliciously cruel and dominant cuckoldress!

Mistress Scarlet *curtsy*…..i thought this update, with significance to TSD bondage, may be of interest to You and readers of Your blog, and assume this post is a relevent place to record it. Following a rather frustrating summer period, due not so much to my permanent chastity, but to a bout of illness, work commitments and family members being home for the summer, O/our (Mistress Serena and myself, tiffany) FemDom led relationship waned to a bit of a low. However, thankfully…

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