Appallingly Painful Palms

painfully divine

Real Life Female Domination

I am not sure if I have ever written on the blog about punishing the palms of the hands. Readers of my journals will have read detailed accounts of poor bitch-boy undergoing school girl detentions, part of which involves punishing his palms before he starts his line writing. (A kindness to warm them up so he can write more easily). LOL.

I think for safety it is best not to use a cane or wooden paddle. The ideal I think is a leather strap or tawse. The power rush is huge as the slave has to offer his, (or her – yes Play-toy gets her palms warmed before line writing too), palms up for punishing and then the painful smacks are delivered. Sometimes their willpower battles their pain threshold as they struggle to raise their palms up and out, but they know much worse would follow should the vulnerable palm not be…

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