Pathetic Fallacy

hurray for the english rainy weather!!!

boo for the hypocritical portuguese weather!!!!

Just A Small Town Girl...

It can be so miserable at times to live in England: the country in which it rains 99% of the time. Especially now as we’re approaching Autumn and the days are getting noticeably shorter, I find myself wondering every day, did we even have a Summer?!

Now if you work in an office like me, you probably would have noticed the huge impact that the weather has on people’s moods.

For example, on the rare occasion that it happens to be dry and sunny outside, you’ll find everyone strutting their stuff with massive smiles plastered across their faces. Donning the floweriest, brightest coloured dresses and shirts that they can find in their wardrobes; everybody is an absolute delight to work with on days like these! Chit-chat and small-talk suddenly become much more bearable, welcomed even, indeed it’s hard not to develop a spring in your step when the sun is shining…

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