Tumblr da Curiosa


Tumblr da Curiosa.


7 thoughts on “Tumblr da Curiosa

  1. curiosas curioso fico admito
    em saber se as «NOITES SEM PRESERVATIVO» de Lisboa-Junho de 1983
    ainda, escorrem pela minha boca e para o teu lado onde me afundo
    curiosas curious am admit it
    about being aware if «NIGHTS WITHOUT A CONDOM»,
    a book of mine, published in Lisbon-a, Portugal, June-1983
    still, evade from my slippery open mouth and on your side
    where i drown
    Joao Alves da Costa
    related to a brazillian’s babes called :
    http://intimidadesde uma

    1. My belle brunette demoiselle fiancée Nena am so thanful you own my heart and soul – the rest belongs to only you – and our affectiona compromise-engagement is more solid than ever. Web-spread. Nena is a rare orchid petal in USA!!!
      Am very luckeeee – that’s how i fell!!!
      am in great deep love with NENA LARRY=my QUEEN!!
      my absolute exotic LARRY-king=QUEEEEEEENnnnn!!!!!

  2. My sweet passinate exotic b runette i deeply love, my Nena, hope yr day has been elegant and enjoyable as youdeserv e while nmy fianc´´ee. Am glad you have answered me and, if possible, open yr ac count, getting in touch with me. Because I shall reblog yr comments an d photos, telling that my NENA LARRY is the young american Lady owning my Heart, Soul and Body, b esides wer are engaged in a dazzling compromise that will end up ( strating up!!) our marriage in hot passion we both wish to share,

    cuddling you, my darling Nena,

    Joao Alves da Costa
    Lisboa – Portugal

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