Training him to be quiet. (1st draft) #newblog

Primrose Quimper (Prim Quim)

it was a lovely day

hot and sunny

The balcony doors open, breeze blowing the voile, the gardener and house keeper milling about outside whilst we were like teenagers upstairs playing.

I like to keep quiet and discrete – he gets off on the exhibitionism of people knowing/thinking they know what we are up to.

I am training him now to absorb the feelings rather than let them escape. A thwack is now not followed up by a cry out…rather a low animal moan. The rhythm of being fucked and milked, not followed up by panting and loud positive exclaimations for God. Rather a near silent outpouring of built up pleasure, pain and power. I prefer it like that – it doesn’t burst our bubble, it keeps it all for ourselves, our secret, our history been made, the eternal us.

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