Just the Tip!

Journey of a Dominatrix

FistToday my client needed to be devoid of control and choice, instead placing his body, his mind and his will in my hands. That’s what I’m here for, to take control so you don’t have to even think. So that we can have fun and only I know what will happen next…

I started his medical exam with a sweet smile, inquiring his reason for coming into the office today. “My prostate,” he said, “it seems to be flaring up. I need that checked out…please.” “Of course,” I reply, “I will take very good care of you today.” I checked his weight and  height first, starting out nice and easy. I felt his thyroid and his neck for lumps, looked in his ears to make sure they looked clean, and pulled his tongue out of his mouth so I could check his tongue and throat. Next, I took my stethoscope…

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